Sunday, 27 November 2016

Towards Opening

Without a functioning laptop, working on this site has become quite a challenge. I am determined but by waves frustrated. Most of the work can be done from my tablet which I have set up as a sort of mini-laptop computer. There are things that are difficult or impossible though. Drop and drag operations for example elude me. I can pick up my target item but I can't move it with any accuracy or drop it for that matter. I will try to note those things to be done at a later time.

The above picture is the hunt camp we call home at this time. There is a little shanty hanging off the back which houses my woodshop. The set up is far from ideal. I just wanted potential followers and customers to be able to
see where I'm working.

I hope to make regular blog posts on the site as I get ready for  business. Some of the posts will be updates and announcements while others will be actual product listings. Product listings will be linked on the various product pages where they can be ordered. Once I have several of them written and in place I will start advertising the site of social media.

If you've stumbled across the site during development here, welcome. If you are interested by all means follow us via email. That way you will get any updates as they happen. You might notice the donate button. Donations are appreciated but I won't soliciting them. Because I intend to post some of my designs that button is there for people who use my designs and wish to give some kind of monetary compensation.

For the future I have figured out how to make a proper shop out of materials existing on my property or already collected. As I work toward making this business a reality, I will be preparing materials in my spare time. I hope to begin construction when conditions permit in the spring. Progress will be slow because I have to build everything by hand myself. Only a small amount of capital will be needed but a huge amount of grunt work.

Lots of work to be done.

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